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Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting

✓ Lifetime Labor Warranty

✓ Fully Licensed and Insured Local Crews

✓ Quality Materials and Workmanship

✓ Fair, Accurate Estimates

Efficient & Quality
Painting Services
for North Georgia

A new coat of paint can transform a commercial space. This simple update can increase staff productivity, make your business's environment more attractive for visitors, and keep your facility cleaner. You don't have time to deal with old, chipped, cracked, or peeling paint, regardless of the commercial or industrial property you own or manage, be it an office building, hospital, state or federal building, apartment complex, shopping mall, or even a school. When you pick Southern States Home Pros for your commercial interior or exterior painting projects, we'll immediately send a specialist to your location to evaluate your needs. Our objective is to accomplish the task efficiently and accurately the first time.

Our entire staff is licensed and insured professionals. By ensuring the individuals working on your house or place of business are entirely qualified, you'll know that we care deeply about the effort and quality that goes into each project. Each of our workers brings years of experience and dedication to providing exceptional customer service, a hallmark of the Southern States Home Pros brand.

What We Offer

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